Gratitude 101

Gratitude: “A felt sense of wonder, thankfulness, and appreciation for life.” – Robert Emmons

Being grateful is as much (or more) a choice than a feeling. We often talk about “feeling” grateful when things are going well for us. But psychology, spirituality, and research tells us that “being” grateful is an active choice to notice and direct our thoughts and awareness to the many things about which we can feel joy, wonder, thankfulness, abundance, and appreciation.

Having trouble feeling grateful? How many things on this list do you agree with, and how many could you add?

Here are 101 reasons we thought of to be grateful day.

  1. Air to breathe
  2. A heart that keeps beating
  3. Shoes
  4. A health challenge you DON’T have
  5. A health challenge you’ve overcome
  6. A sweet childhood memory
  7. A favorite food
  8. A nutritious food
  9. The opportunity to change
  10. New experiences
  11. The ability to learn from the past
  12. The ability to learn from other people’s mistakes
  13. Wisdom from books
  14. A talent you possess
  15. Challenges that allow you to grow
  16. Humor in unexpected circumstances
  17. The mother and father who gave you the gift of life
  18. Communication
  19. Animal friends
  20. The warm glow of sunshine
  21. A cool breeze on a hot summer day
  22. A warm coat in the cold of winter
  23. The beauty of nature
  24. Sight
  25. Sound
  26. Taste
  27. Smell
  28. Touch
  29. The gentle warmth of a friend’s embrace
  30. Clean water to drink
  31. A favorite song that speaks to your heart
  32. The ability to read and write
  33. Help from kind friends and strangers
  34. Taking a nap
  35. A home to live in
  36. Twinkling stars in the night sky
  37. People who inspire you
  38. Babies’ laughter
  39. Phone and video calls with friends and family
  40. Escape into sleep and dreams each night
  41. A fresh start each day
  42. Unexpectedly running into an old friend
  43. The anticipation of something good
  44. The pattering of rain on the window
  45. The struggles that made you who you are now
  46. Air conditioning
  47. The feel of grass between your toes
  48. Modern plumbing
  49. Productive work to do
  50. Days off work
  51. The moon
  52. A special school teacher
  53. The sun rising each morning
  54. The chance to fail and try again and again
  55. A smile from a stranger
  56. An old friend you’ll never forget
  57. A new friend you just recently met
  58. The energy of a crowd
  59. The peace and quiet of solitude
  60. Laughing so hard that you cry
  61. Your intuition
  62. Grandma’s cooking
  63. The scent of baking bread
  64. The taste of fresh peaches
  65. Sunglasses
  66. Your ability to think and reason
  67. The love of God
  68. The sound of a waterfall
  69. The wealth of information just a few button clicks away
  70. The wonderful variety of humanity
  71. Butterflies
  72. Cars (and other transportation)
  73. Photosynthesis to grow plants and refresh our oxygen
  74. A hot shower after a long day
  75. Being able to love and be loved
  76. The glow and warmth of a campfire
  77. A piece of good news
  78. Watching children dance without a care in the world
  79. Forgiving someone
  80. Receiving forgiveness
  81. Warm, fuzzy blankets
  82. Pain that had a purpose to teach or protect from further harm
  83. Seeing beauty through art
  84. A bird’s cheerful song
  85. Rainbows
  86. The movie that always makes you laugh no matter how many times you’ve seen it
  87. Cute baby animal videos
  88. Stores where you can find almost anything you can imagine or want
  89. Nature painting the sky at sunset
  90. Swimming on a hot summer day
  91. An inside joke with a friend
  92. People who risk themselves to protect others
  93. A genuine compliment
  94. Looking at old photos
  95. Winning a game
  96. Having fun even when you lose
  97. Feeling like someone else understands
  98. Toothpaste
  99. Learning a fascinating new bit of trivia
  100. Going on a fun ride
  101. The possibility to change your whole life with one good decision

How many things can you add to the list?

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