Smiley Card Policy

Messages will go out exactly as you type them, so please reread them carefully before submitting your order. Messages will be printed on a label and affixed to the Smile Card. We may make some changes to the formatting or spacing as needed for printing.

Smiley Cards are meant to be an uplifting and positive means of connecting friends and spreading smiles. For this reason, we reserve the right to refuse to send any message which we (in our sole discretion) feel violates any of the following restrictions:

  • No mean, hateful, angry, or negative messages
  • No vulgar or obscene content or language (including curse words)
  • No threatening messages
  • No spam or solicitous messages

Multiple Smiley Cards sent to the same person or address may be seen as obnoxious or spam-like and we may refuse to send them.

If we, in our sole discretion, find that a card order or message may violate one of these policies, the order will be cancelled. If any payment was made, it will be refunded.